Mentoring Achievers

In these turbulent times achievers discover

* that traditional management training is not enough
* that they need specific advice recurrently
* that they envy the ancient Greeks, who had omniscient oracles to give them direction

Sometimes you have to accept the second best alternative. In the absence of these oracles, I offer my mentoring services.

Point to the catchwords below to find out more.

Would you like to work with someone

* who acquired a unique knowledge of human nature by supervising over 1,000 employees and by developing his own management method: MBB - Management by Going to the Bathroom?

* who over a five-year period led an enterprise called STIL and increased its annual turnover from zero to 4 million U.S. dollars?

* who at an early age learned to piece together 500-piece jigsaw puzzles by using only his mouth and nose, and through that developed his extraordinary perseverance, creativity and determination to get results?

If so, then you may want to consider me.