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Everyone who is involved in creating something new will face challenges along the road.

Some relish adversity. Others don't.

Either way, I've worked with many people in different fields and try always to provide a stimulating approach to finding creative solutions to the challenges you face.

Why I’m a Mentor

When you’re born with a physical disability, as I was, life becomes different. It doesn’t necessarily become worse, but it definitely becomes different. And if your physical disability prevents you from walking or from using your hands very well, as it does in my case, then you have to rethink the world. You have to look at things differently. You learn:

• that it’s up to you
• that difficulties can be a disguise for possibilities
• that your self-image is all-important

If you also have to rely on personal assistance from others most of the day every day, then you quickly learn that you need to face these challenges with a creative attitude. Creativity becomes an important part of your daily living.

It would almost be a crime not to share the life wisdom that you’ve gained this way. I guess that’s why I started working as a mentor. But that’s not the only reason. I believe that the following three circumstances also played their part:

• My love for books
• My curiosity about people
• My focus on results

1. Books

My interest in reading came pretty early. When my friends ran off to play football, I pulled out a good book. I learned early in my life that you have a choice. You either focus on what you can do, or on what you can’t do. You either concentrate on what works, or on what doesn’t work. You either spend time regretting that you can’t play football, or try to find another activity to capture your interest.

Each and every one of us is faced with the same kind of choice on a daily basis. Life is hedged in by limitations. No matter what decisions we make, each option is associated with certain sacrifices—sacrifices that we accept when we choose one specific course of action over another.

So in every situation in which we find ourselves, there are parts we can control and parts we cannot control, and the choice is ours. Where you focus your energies is always up to you.

In my case, my interest in reading arose from a great thirst for knowledge. I wanted to know how things work and relate to each other. I believe that such a thirst for facts is a prerequisite for becoming a good mentor. Mentoring is one way of imparting knowledge, and of course it’s important for a mentor to possess certain kinds of knowledge and wisdom, while also being prepared to continue learning and growing.

2. People

My curiosity about people also started early in life. When you have the kind of physical disability that I have, you’re sitting down most of the time. You can’t be running around and yelling like the other kids. Instead, you might have to listen to what the grownups talk about. You’re forced to reflect on their troubles and joys.

It didn’t take long either for people to start plopping down next to me and confiding in me. The sitting itself was significant in some way. It seems that talking with someone who’s already sitting gives a sense of security. It creates a feeling of confidence and calm.

This is actually what we often look for in a mentor or other types of conversation partners. We might be looking for refuge from the hustle and bustle of daily life. We need to get away for awhile so we can gather our thoughts and return with renewed strength and energy.

But this assumes that you’re able to find someone interested in listening to what you have to say. I found out early on that I had a genuine interest in hearing people tell their stories and about where they’re going in life.

3. Results

Results are what make a difference in this world. If you want to affect any kind of change, then you have to put your desires into action. You can’t just think your way to change.

There are people who come to this world determined to change it. They want to make it a better place. Perhaps they become activists with Green Peace or join another such organization.

After awhile, they might discover that you can’t change the world just by protesting about what is bad. They might come to realize that a more effective way of having an influence is to focus on the good that’s already there.

I guess I’m one of these people. I’ve discovered that focusing on the good in people really can make a difference—encouragement can really lead to renewal—especially on a personal level when we are true to ourselves and practice what we preach. In my mentoring, my goal therefore is to try to show that it is possible:

• to take greater responsibility for your own life
• to overcome difficulties
• to create the life you most desire