Mayvy Kjellström
Head Secretary for Danzas

”Bengt completely disarmed us with his humor. The executives I talked to after the seminar appreciated being a part of it in every way. Several of them were a bit thoughtful – they had been given so much to think about that their heads were spinning."

Eivor Brockhagen
BROCKHAGEN Training & Development Inc.
To Bengt a well-functioning team is an absolute necessity. He leads his own with great ability and authority. And he gladly teaches you how to do the same."

Lennart Boksjö, Vice President
The Foresight Group

"Probably the most appreciated guest lecturer we had at our training program with Primus/Allti was Bengt Elmén. His visit was a definite boost for all of us – in every way."

Ron Watson, Consultant
"Bengt Elmén is not a run-of-the-mill lecturer in positive thinking. To bring his message to life, Bengt uses many personal anecdotes. His humor, combined with his ability to create a dialogue with his participants, get his audiences actively involved. Bengt is one of the new popular educators on the rise in Sweden."

Karin Jalvén
Administrator Södertörn University

“Bengt’s first book got me to finally dare to apply for the dance academy. I got in and became a dance instructor, even though I already had a Masters Degree in Geography. After that I received a grant and went to Madrid to study Flamenco dance for two months. I am now working as a Flamenco dance instructor in addition to my work here at the university.”

Elin Ohlin, age 10
"Dear Bengt! How are you? We are frend! I would like to see you again! I appreciated that you visited us! Think you if horse? When is your borthday? We have autumn semester week 44! What is your address? Goodbye! From Elin!"

Brita Ulfsax,
Unemployment Office Chief Hässleholm
"Bengt’s message was ”Focus on the possibilities instead of on the obstacles.” He approached this from a direction that was completely new to us. His presentation and his personal radiance were such that we quickly forgot his limitations. It was over too quickly. We were given a new perspective with which to rethink our values and found a new platform to build upon."

Bo Bjelvehammar,
Principal KomVux in Ystad (adult ed)
"Bengt Elmén is a phenomenon. Humor, knowledge and feeling create a sense of URGENCY. His words spark the kind of thoughts and reflections we ALL need to work through. People who work with people need Bengt Elmén!"

Anders Berglund,
President Olja Cooperative
"I placed great expectations on this week-long seminar and they have been met with flying colors. Bengt’s style of leadership has been excellent.”

Ola Sundberg
Head Administrator Vocational Education CenterNässjö
"Bengt uses humor and well-thought-out values to challenge his workshop participants with questions that cut to the quick and that use the participants’ own knowledge and experiences as a springboard.”

Ingegerd Esselwall-Dahl
Assistent Sävsjö County

"An important and good way to get the most out of your workshop was to read your book Your Responsibility and Mine ACTIVELY! This gave us the prerequisite knowledge so that we could understand how you (Bengt) think. Thanks for a rewarding workshop!!"

Christina Hedenberg
Rosen Method, Taiji and Flow Dance Instructor
"Bengt got me to actually take the step and start my own company."

Anna Löfgren
Recreational Pedagogue Student Jönköping School of Education
"My expectations were not that high, except to think it would be good. But you have really pepped us up. The course this week on Cyprus has been ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!"

Anna-Karin Olsson
Department Manager Gävle County

"We have had four half-day workshops with Bengt Elmén for all of our personal assistants during November and December of 1995. Bengt gave all of us a lot to think about. He reminded us why we are here and who we are here for. "